Who We Are

Residential, Commercial and Retail Developers & Property Project Managers

Nexprop, a division of Turtle Cove cc, is a property development company, specialising in exclusive, up-market, developments in Sandton and Cape Town.

We also operate in the UK, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands.  In addition, we have been involved in projects in Switzerland, Argentina and St Kitts.

Our core philosophy is to extract maximum value from well-located properties. We include commercial industrial retail, residential and resort development in our chosen markets.

Nexprop provides a range of services to property owners and developers, including:

  • Residential and commercial property development
  • Property Project Management
  • Development Consulting
  • Procurement and Cost Consulting
  • Property Evaluation to corporate and private property investors.

Our staff are highly experienced in these specific fields.

We specialise in creation of ‘Duet’ developments, generally comprising a main house and a second dwelling on one property under a sectional title scheme.

We provide both a commercial and tax advisory via our associate Nexcorp and turnkey design via our design associate, Nexzign. This association can assist with conceptual stage feasibilities all the way through to completion and commissioning, adding a possible tax efficient structure and financing package.

Project Development Consulting

Nexprop provides Development Consulting, Property Evaluation and feasibility to corporate and private property investors to ensure optimum value for all developments.
We also execute our own commercial, residential, retail and industrial developments for our own account.

Property Project Management

Nexprop provides Project Management, Procurement and Cost Consulting services to corporate and private investors to ensure efficient execution of projects.
We specialize in integration of a wide range of specialists required in all modern projects.